Tearing Down An Old House? Get Money Out Of The Existing Property First

If you have recently purchased a home that you plan to tear down so you can build a newer and better house, there are some materials in the older house that you may be able to make a profit off of. Some people love vintage items and style and will pay for things you think are junk.

You can take this money and invest it towards the upcoming construction you have ahead of you to build a new home. Here are a few of the things you want to look for before you let them take the house down.

Copper Plumbing

Have all the copper plumbing pipes and fixtures removed from the property so that they can be taken to a local scrap shop, such as Sackin Metals. There could also be old copper components on the hot water heater or furnace. Removing the copper plumbing may be time consuming and you could have to break through the drywall, but it's well worth the cost. There may also be copper wiring in the house, which is valuable as well.

Aluminum Windows and Siding

If aluminum siding and windows are on the house, it should be easy to take the siding off on your own. The windows will have to come out before the house can be demolished anyways, so when you remove them you need to have a way to get rid of the glass and to keep the aluminum frame. Check to see if any of the doors or the garage door is composed of aluminum and if there is aluminum electrical wiring.

Antique Style Pieces

People are willing to pay a lot of money for an original farmhouse sink or for a great claw foot bathtub. Look through the house to see if there are any light fixtures, decorative items or structural pieces that someone would want to buy as an antique and repurpose in their home. Detailed trim around the house, fireplace mantles and wood windows are a few other things that people will repurpose and use as decoration in their homes.

If you think that someone would want some of the old appliances or any of the materials, list them for sale and see if you get any bites to make some extra money. You purchased the house because you want the property and you want to create your own brand new home, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't make as much money as you can off the house that exists.