Ways To Determine If You May Have An Ancient Coin

One of the coins you can trade with US gold coin dealers is an ancient coin. These coins come from ancient areas such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The problem many people have is determining if the coins they have are really ancient or if they are well-done replicas. If this sounds like the situation you are in with some coins in your collection, consider these methods that help you determine if the coin may be ancient. 

Size and Weight 

The size and weight of ancient coins may vary slightly, but in general, they are smaller and heavier than current coin-based currency. This is due to the way the ancient civilizations manufactured the coins. They will also likely not be as symmetrical in shape as more modern coins. Remember, modern coins tend to be mass-produced. However, ancient coins were not. Each coin was produced in either single batches or a small amount at a time. The machines were not as advanced either. These are all things to look for with your coins. 


The stamping on a coin can be very intricate and usually extends to the outer edges of the coin. However, that really only applies to modern coins that are mass-produced. At the time of ancient coin production, the stamps did not generally extend to the edge of the coin. The stamps were usually kept to the middle of the coin with no writing or decoration on the other edges. For example, they may have had the face of the current area ruler and nothing more. If the stamping is to the edges, it may not in fact be ancient. 

Metals Used

Another test to see if any of your coins may be ancient is to check the metals that were used. Look for the two major pure metals of silver and gold. In some cases, you may find bronze or copper, but most will be standard silver or gold. If the coin has tin as part of the metal makeup, it likely is a modern replica rather than an ancient coin. This is because tin was not used in coin making during the ancient time periods.

These are just a few of the basic methods to determine if your coins may be ancient. Keep in mind that these methods simply narrow down the coins you have into authentic categories or replicas. If you believe you have ancient artifacts such as an ancient Greek coin, in your possession and you want to sell them or have them appraised, contact a coin buyer.