Outdated Wealth Management Tips You Must Discard

Much of the advice that you might have received in the past about investing may no longer apply today. Also, investment strategies that might have made sense when you were younger may not be effective as you enter your golden years. If you are concerned about whether you will have an adequate nest egg upon retirement, make sure that you retire these old notions about investing. The Life-Cycle Theory Of Investment

Tax Breaks For Airline Pilots And Flight Crew Members

If you work for an airline as a pilot or flight attendant, some of the out-of-pocket expenses you pay throughout the year when your job takes you away from home may qualify as a tax deduction on your federal income tax return. You must include the expenses as unreimbursed employee expenses on Form 1040 Schedule A. You can enter a deduction for job expenses and certain miscellaneous deductions for the amount that exceeds 2 percent of your adjusted gross income.